Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic
Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic
Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic
Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic
Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic
Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic
Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic
Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic

Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic

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The secret to healthy hair is healthy, well-moisturized skin and the NEW Biome-Balance Flourish Oil will help you achieve that while providing prebiotics that serve a power-punch of benefits to growing healthy hair and safely eradicating the hyperproduction of sebum, dandruff- and itch-causing fungi & bacteria! This oil blend was created especially for those prone to severe dryness, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Malassezia Folliculitis, or dandruff.  *great for scalp and dry skin under beards

Our flagship product, Bea's Bayou Scalp Solution has been a customer favorite since it's launch, and now you can have part 2 in the scalp combination! IF you plan to also use Biome-Balance Scalp Solution, we suggest you use it alone for at least 2-3 days to let your skin finish purging scales and dandruff. Once your scalp/skin is clear, begin using a small amount of Flourish Oil to help seal in the moisture of that new, clear skin! Great to leave in if that's your preference, or to be used as an overnight or under-heat oil treatment. 

Material: 2oz. bottle with twist dispenser 


  • radish root - a prebiotic that helps feed good bacteria
  • jojoba - similar to our own human sebum (nongreasy emollient that absorbs well, softens, improves elasticity, suppleness, prevent moisture loss)
  • Bamboo - provides silica to strengthen each cell and strand & supports glycosaminoglycan synthesis for moisture retention.
  • Burdock Root - helps fortify with vitamin A and amino acids. Helps with irritated scalp, dandruff, and itch!
  • Lemongrass is an astringent that reduces dandruff & helps keep your scalp fresh while reducing shedding!
  • Neem Oil possesses fungi- & bacteria-fighting properties that help remove dandruff. Also conditions and seals follicles.
  • Cedarwood, with similar properties, helps suppress inflammation problems 
  • Carrot oil - rich in vitamin A, E, and beta carotene, essential for hair growth
  • Aloe -  repairs and prevents itch
  • Lavender helps fight problem-causing microbes as well as helps heal!
  • Rosemary Oil - packed with antioxidants, helping to reduce inflammation and increase circulation. Did you know it’s been shown to improve nerve damage & improve cellular generation? Just thought you’d want to know! 
  • Hempseed Oil - rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, packed with fatty acids necessary for maximizing hair growth. Adds shine.
  • Horsetail - helps reduce dandruff. It’s high levels of silica help prevent hair breaking. It also contains selenium and cysteine, which help prevent environmental damage.


    Shake well! Apply modestly to scalp after Biome-Balance Scalp Solution to provide an added layer of protection and growth-boosting benefits. Can also be used as an overnight scalp oil treatment or a hot oil treatment for the scalp on wash day!


    Don’t forget to check out our social media & check out our growing community of Bea’s Beauties!! Instagram: @beasbayouskincare & Youtube Videos for More Tips:
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    I was expecting relief and all I got was multiple emails reminded me to rate the product

    I suffer from eczema on my scalp. At first my dermatologist thought it was a yeast infection and prescribed me shampoo that only gave me relief for a few hours. I then was told it was eczema and was given different shampoo and a topical liquid to use to help the itching and dryness. Neither give me relief for more than a couple hours. Because of this I thought I’d try Bea’s Bayou. I was incredibly hopefully but don’t find that this gives me anymore relief than the shampoos and it leaves my hair greasy. I do not have any issues with oil production and in fact my hair has an abundance of natural oils that leave my hair shiny and healthy. Bea’s just left my hair greasy. The smell is nice. Overall this product isn’t for me. Not to mention I received several emails to rate the product. I like to rate products after using them for a while but almost as soon as I received my package in the mail I was expected to rate the product. How am I supposed to know if it really helps after just one use?


    Sorry you're disappointed. I'd recommend only using the Scalp Solution by itself and letting it work alone for a while. It was made to help purge the skin and rebalance the skin so you may not want to add oil on top of your skin until the purging is done. The oil isn't meant to treat but to seal and a little goes a very long way. I wouldn't recommend oil for everyone, but the Scalp Solution may be all you need for the concerns you have.

    Sorry you didn't find it to be what you needed, but please try using the Scalp Solution alone and see if that does the trick for you!

    Be well!


    Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp Oil | Seal, Soften, Grow | Prebiotic

    Thank you so much!


    Review for Biome-Balance Flourish Scalp OIL | Boost Hair Growth | Probiotic Skincare


    I’ve had severe dandruff and scalp irritation for years. I’ve tried it all, shampoos, deep treatments, other oils...nothing seemed to work. I can say with one use so far I’ve got no dandruff and the eternal itch I’ve had has subsided. Will continue to use to see the full results.

    Hi, B! Thank you so much! My goal is to continue to make customers this happy! Please come back and enjoy!

    - A

    Great treatment product!

    This is a great product to enhance the Biome Scalp solution results. It did not work well for my hair in its dry state because it produced acne-like bumps on my scalp, but was awesome when used as a conditioning treatment and washed out. My hair feels good and my scalp is pretty calm.



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