I’m Arielle from Louisiana! I’m the granddaughter of inventors and creators, of hard workers and dreamers.

I’m so grateful you’ve visited and maybe purchased from my shop! I expect that my Seborrheic Dermatitis treatment drops will bring you relief as it has brought me. I’ve dealt with SD for YEARS! I couldn’t control it and after trying many products on the shelf and those not working or even making it worse, it drove me to create something based on my own research of studies on sebum pH, types of oils that wouldn’t clogs pores, natural remedies for fungi and so on!

So all said, please let me know how quickly they work for you and any feedback you may have so that I can continue to improve and provide a great product for you!

When I’m not creating these drops for you, I love spending time with family and my bf, working in real estate, and eating delicious food haha! You can find me on IG @namastearielle @beasbayouskincare

Love & Light (and a healthy scalp)! ✨

🌾Tips to help your SD:
🌾Be careful of how much sugar you intake.
🌾Non-dairy yogurt also helps provide good bacteria to your body.