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When the Hubby notices!

I was searching for a refreshing spray to give me a morning boost, and dewy glow. The Good Biome Prebiotic Setting Mist does just that! I was surprised by the lightness and instant hit of hydration. As a bonus the Mist smells incredible! I've used every morning since purchasing and my hubby actually noticed!

Finally Relief!

After just one shampoo and conditioning and the itchiness subsided and I can tell less hair has fallen out!

Good Biome Scalp Solution | Soothing Microbiome-friendly Liquid

Disappointed by Addition of Allergen Polysorbate

Last year I discovered Beas Bayou--for my allergic immune disorder and sensitive skin the good biome face solution was soothing and benefited my skin conditions while moisturizing and evening out my skin tone. I had noticeable improvements in my skin barrier and sensitivities and purchased the product in bulk.
When I reordered the product I applied the new bottle to my skin without checking the ingredients for changes--why would a perfect formula be altered? To my surprise, my skin immediately broke out in hives and I experienced facial swelling. Polysorbate-20 has been added to the formula, which I am severely allergic to. I understand it is likely more cost-effective to dilute the original formula with this additive, but I wish there had been a notice that the original formula was being altered. My partner happily uses the product now but I am searching for a replacement for what was a great solution for my health/skin conditions. 5 stars if it weren't for the allergenic additive.

Good Biome Scalp Solution | Microbiome-friendly Scalp Oil Liquid

Love it

It’s making my daughter’s hair feel good

That's lovely and so amazing to know! Thank you so much for shopping with us and we hope you return! Thank you for your review!

thank you for the speedy replacement of my recent order. I have been suffering from Seborrhea dermatitis of the scalp, has been to different Dermatologist with no relief until I found your Scalp solution and the oil for added relief. It feels wonderful to be free from the troublesome itching and flaking. I still have episode of recurrences but not as bad as I used to. Thanks again your form of treatment is wonderful to have at hand.

Good Biome Scalp Solution and Face Solution Bundle | Probiotic Skincare

So far so good.

I haven’t gotten a lot of use of the product yet. I’ve used it a couple of times before and after washing my hair. I usually see more dandruff when I have braids or my hair is parted which hasn’t been the case lately. I like the smell but the smell stays in the hair for so long after use.I don’t mind it though it makes me feel like the hair is clean.

Hi, Melissa! Thank you so much for leaving a review! We are updating the formula this winter to subdue the scent a tad, so please come back and shop with us! New products and updates to come! Thank you and enjoy! Glad it's helping!

Great Product!

This has really helped my seborrhea alot. I use it regularly to help with the whole process, sometimes I need to use it more, other times less. Love the smell and how natural and safe it is to use! Would recommend to anyone.

New staple

This is my second bottle of this shampoo. I’m very particular about what products I use on my hair and scalp. This shampoo does a great job at cleansing my scalp and locs. It’s light and doesn’t leave buildup or that dry/stripped feeling. I have oily, flaky scalp. Paired with the scalp solution, I get more “good” scalp days, less itching and minimal flakes.

Updated review

I wrote a review after purchasing the scalp solution. I didn’t want to spend too much on the whole collection as I’ve already spent a small fortune trying to address my seborrhoeic dermatitis and scalp irritation with little luck. Arielle replied to my review offering samples of the whole collection and recommended taking probiotics and a digestive enzyme. I have been using the all of them and am starting see results. Arielle’s confidence in her products and great customer service are admirable.

Thank you so much for sharing and we wish you the best on your scalpcare journey! It's an honor to be a part of it. Just please come back and shop with us and we ask that you continue to share your feedback. All the best!

Hands Down BEST shampoo and conditioner

Let me start off by saying: I am VERY busy and NEVER take the time to write reviews unless the product is truly incredible. Well… I’m writing a review so you KNOW these products impressed me!
I have been using the scalp solution for a few months and really really like it. It helps keep my scalp calm and helps me keep my protective styles in longer. But this shampoo and conditioner?!?!?!?! Amazing!

I recently took my braids out and didn’t have the time to tend to my hair like I should for about a week. My hair gets tangled and dry very easily and is often hard to manage after a protective style.
Today, I decided to finally wash my hair and this shampoo and conditioner came in the mail right in time for me to use them.
For the first time in my ENTIRE adult life of washing my own hair, I got out of the shower and my entire scalp was CLEAN! My hair was soft and fluffy and easy to detangle after the conditioner. I am sooo impressed!!! I immediately told my best friend about this shampoo and conditioner.

Please bring on a leave in conditioner and edge control that is actually good for edges that suffer with SD!

Good Biome Scalp Health Collection | Microbiome-friendly

I am someone who struggles with seborrheic dermatitis

I am someone who struggles with seborrheic dermatitis and have locs. There were times when I decided it was best to just cut them off because of this. Then I came across this from youtube. I bought the serum for seborrheic dermatitis and even though it is priceyyy it is worth every penny because my scalp was looking crystal clear. Thank you for creating such product.

Love this product

The only thing that has ever worked for me ! Will definitely be keeping this in stock

Wow! Thank you so much!

What I’ve been missing

This product is godsend. I wish I knew about it years ago.

That is amazing! We are so happy you like it! Please come back and shop with us again.

Good Biome Prebiotic Scalp Oil | Soothe, Soften, Grow | Microbiome-friendly

Soothing solution

Helps greatly with itchiness!

Good Biome Scalp Solution | Probiotic Scalp Treatment | Natural Exfoliant

Wanted this to work!

I have been frustrated with (seborrhoiec dermatitis-at least that is the diagnosis given) scalp redness, irritation and hair loss for more than 20 years and have tried everything recommended by dermatologists, friends, products and home remedies found on line. Nothing has made a difference. I found Bea’s Bayou after thinking about the beneficial properties of probiotics and was hoping that it would have a positive impact on my scalp condition. After 2 weeks of using it daily, I have not had any symptom relief. I will continue to use it until I run out hoping that there will be a positive outcome. If so, I will update Bea’s Bayou. I do not feel that BB has steered me wrong, just want to share my experience.

Hi, Laronda! Thank you so much for coming to us and giving us a try. We want it to work for you too. This is a little input, but we understand that you know your body best. It takes about a week for the skin to purge. The itch tends to be the first thing that you notice should go away and then the flakes/scales will loosen. It looks like an increase in flakes, but it's the skin exfoliating. Using this everyday means you're exfoliating, in essence, so you may want to use it, wait a couple of days if your itch has subsided, then spot-treat. I would also HIGHLY recommend, that for stubborn SD, you alternate with the oil. Once the exfoliation is done, allow the skin time to 'heal' and just seal in the moisture with the oil. We will send you a private message about this, but we got you and we want you to experience RELIEF. The other tip is to try, if you haven't already, cutting white breads, sugar, and upping your vitamin and probiotic intake if medically OK to do so. Dairy doesn't help, but if you can't avoid it, look into digestive enzymes from places like Vitamin Shoppe to help your body properly digest those tough sugars and proteins. Internal and external together may help bring you way faster relief too. We thank you SO much for your honest feedback so we can support you even if we end up not being your last stop. Please look for another email from us soon.

Second review for Good Biome Shampoo

Let me say again that this is a great product from an outstanding company who went the extra mile to replace a damaged bottle with another, and delivered it in a box at my request. I will definitely buy from Bea's again!

Hi! Thank you so much for taking time to share and we're so happy you'll be back! Please enjoy!

Good Biome Shampoo

Once again Bee's Bayou has given me outstanding service as well as outstanding products. There was a problem with the delivery of my order. The packaging was severely damaged and Bea's not only replaced it with no charge, they upped the packaging by putting their usual packaging (which is usually great) at my request they also put it in a box. And that one arrived in perfect condition.


We’ve tried so many things for seborrheic dermatitis, prescription, otc, homeopathic/natural, had just about given up but this scalp oil works great! It was so bad I thought we’d need the scalp solution as well. But it’s been on with just the oil (and a an antifungal and salicylic acid shampoos). The scalp was still terrible with just the shampoos, the oil made the difference

Hi! Wow! So sorry you'd been dealing with stubborn SD! We're so happy that you found something in our collection to being you relief! Thank you for taking time to leave your review! Please enjoy and come back :)