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Not only does the skin and scalp solution help with my dermatitis, it helps to balance my skin's oil production. I've used steroid creams and a handful of other scalp and skin medications for years with no real results. Within just 3 days, my scalp is clear of scaly patches and my face isn't as oily as before. I think I've finally found what works for me!

Miracle of Love in a bottle

Seriously, 3 days of using this product reduced my hair loss from 2 handfuls after washing to less than 1/2 of a handful. This product was most made with love & possibly magic.

Has significantly improved my severe seborric dermatitis

I started using this about a month ago. It took about a week of using it for me to begin seeing the results. I started off applying it right after I applied my tea tree/olive oil mix. My scalp started to peel as stated in the description. I noticed my persistent, burning itch had diminished significantly. Two weeks into using it, I would go an entire day without my scalp itching at all and I started using it solo without any oil. I've noticed the thick flakes on my scalp that would never go away after shampooing have seemed to disappear. One of the most distressful aspects of seborric dermatitis is the hair thinning I've experienced. Most of my thinning has been around my front hairline and in the mohawk area of my head. My hairline definitely has started to thicken up and I'm hoping the rest will as well. I've been able to go from shampooing twice a week to now once a week. This formula has tremendously improved my quality of life. I highly recommend. Be patient because it does take a little while for it to do its magic.

face solution

i really like how light and moisturizing the face solution is, and how it keeps my face glowing. Also I love using before i go to bed cause when i wake up my face is still moisturized and perfect for a dewy make-up look

Very Nice Products!

I have struggled with Seborrheic Dermatitis since I was in second grade. I have tried product after product, all of which I had to wash out to go out in public. Everything I have tried has always made me look like I dipped my head in a tub of oil. So far, I have been so impressed with both of these products. I have fine, 2b wavy hair. Neither of these make my hair look/feel greasy if I use them in moderation. I will definitely be back for more and will also be trying other products from this brand. Thank you so much!

Reusable Fine Mist Sprayer Pump

Fine Mist Sprayer Pump

Pump works great. I prefer it over the dropper. Makes application and distribution of the product much easier.

Good Biome Scalp Solution Bundle | Sensitive Itchy Scalp | Seborrhea | Scalp Eczema

Works for me.

The treatments have helped my dry and itchy scalp. However, it does make my hair greasy. My hair tends to be dry so it's not too terrible for me, but if anyone has hair that tends to be on the greasy side, they wouldn't be happy. I do find after using it now for a couple of weeks that I don't need to apply it daily. I'm trying every other day now and it seems to work.

I Love this stuff!

I absolutely love this solution. I have never found anything over the counter , that compares to this solution! This is my second purchase and it has totally reduced my itching and flaking related to psoriasis. I can't wait to use the shampoo. Excellent customer service

Was very effective

I initially used the products while visiting my daughter. I had dry and bumpy areas around my nose. Within two days the skin was back in balance so I ordered my own! My products had a different colored label though the wording was the same. I'm not sure if there was a change in the formulation or not.

Works for a little bit

I wanted to love this one because i heard so much good reviews about it. The first two times I used it -- it worked like magic but as i kept using it --- seemed like my scalp adapted to it pretty quickly and it didn't give me any relief anymore. Might work for others though.

Good shampoo

One of the better shampoos for the scalp. Doesn't get all of the itching out but quite a bit.

Hi, Sherri! OMG thank you so much for taking time to leave a review for us! Glad it's helping out some and hopefully will continue to help!

Amazing Results!!

I’ve struggled with seborrheic dermatitis for a long time. Back and forth between dermatologist but everything they gave did not work. So I stepped out on faith and came across this video on tiktok about this product and every since this product has cleared up my scalp it’s not dry as much as it use to be and also helps keep my scalp moisturized as well! I use it twice a day and I can say it really works. I’ve ordered shampoo and conditioner as well, I’m very satisfied with my new hair journey with this product. I’m so happy to have came across this product. And will continue using more!


So far I’m very impressed, I ordered on a Friday and received on Monday! SUPER FAST SHIPPING. I used the shampoo and conditioner and my scalp felt so good 😊 I’ve already recommended this brand to numerous people! I really enjoy the scalp oil as well, very nourishing!

Omg, thank you so much, Keshia! This means so much that you are pleased with the order and result so far. Please continue to enjoy and come back and shop with Bea's Bayou! Thank you so much!


The solution seems to help with itchiness but smells strong and makes my hair wet looking and greasy. The oil makes it look even more greasy. I still have thick flakes but will give it a few more days and see.

Hi, Christine! Thanks so much for the update. Can you share your hairtype and how often you use the products? Also, are you using the two products together? The oil is made to be used once the Scalp Solution absorbs and finishes it's job (so-to-speak), if this helps. The reason for that, is because the Scalp Solution already has protective oils, so you may not need the extra oil at all, or in smaller amounts just here or there. We are glad to know that it's helping with itch! can you share if you purchased a particular scent? The details help as haircare is such a unique thing! Thank you again!

NO MORE Dermatitis!!

After 9 long years dealing with Dermatitis flairs along my hairline, forehead, eyebrows, sides of my nose and behind my ears, I no longer have any flairs! It’s been roughly 2 weeks since I started using the entire line (face and hair) and I started to feel relief and see improvements after 3 days! I usually have to use head and shoulders every 2 days or else my scalp gets so itchy and inflamed, I have not used it in 2 weeks! I have tried so many natural products and steroids in the past and although in the last 3-4 yrs my flairs were not as bad as they used to be but still enough to cause constant pain, discomfort, itching/burning and redness- the relief these products have given me is immense! I’m so so happy I took a chance on Bea’s Bayou!

Very drying. Made my natural hair hard to comb out. Conditioner not doesn't bring moisture back at all I would like to do a return on the shampoo was not what I expected and the spray in the oil I don't feel it that's what it says it's going to do I'm not happy with our products

I hugged my Shampoo & Conditioner

As a busy person & parent, taking a shower is a luxury at times! The shampoo smells incredible and made my head so happy… cut to THE CONDITIONER. Mic drop. *Spoiler alert to my friends and family you’ll be getting this as a gift for upcoming birthdays. The Conditioner makes my head tingle and feel CALM. That sensation lingers and I know it’s still working. I will never be out of these products. Reading the origin story makes this brand THE BRAND for me. It’s about people, the best products and head health. Thank you Bea’s Bayou!


It’s causing my scalp to shed adding more flakes, hopefully this is just a beginning process

Hi! Thank you so much! Yes and it's good and temporary. It's called purging. Please check out the blog here ( and there was information about this in the package info booklet. The process is normal when applying anything new to skin, but even more so when the good bacteria is fighting bad bacteria and increasing cellular turnover. You want them to release as much as possible right now, so 1) You can clear them and 2) So that damaged skin sheds off for newer more healed layers to emerge. Please keep us posted and check out the skin maintenance guide here:


Great product!

My daughter frequently gets scalp infections and this has helped a great deal with calming it down. I am a forever fan!! Thank you!!

Hi, Sabrina! Thank you so much for entrusting Bea's Bayou and I'm so glad that she's finding relief!

I haven’t quite figured out how to use it, yet.

This stuff does actually work to significantly reduce the itching and tightness in my scalp. I think it works really well. However, I truly cannot use this every day. The amount I need to use to cover my scalp leaves my hair feeling and looking nasty, yucky, greasy. I may be using too much. I don’t know. I wish there were better instructions, like “Use this many drops total and place them in these spots for best coverage.” If I had that information maybe I could figure out how to use this daily. Based on other reviews it looks like some people have figured it out. Please share that knowledge. What is working for me is this: I put it on once a week covering my scalp using the same technique you use to color your roots- parting my hair in about 1/2” sections and applying it to my scalp on the part of each section. I leave it on for 4 hours and then wash my hair. I could leave it on overnight but I really don’t want my pillow to smell like this stuff. I bought the berry scent. I don’t care for the scent at all. It’s not terrible, it’s just not something I like. If there is an easier way to use this I’d love to know. For now, this really helps a lot. The first day or two after using it I get no itching or tightness at all. By the last day I have some slight tightness and slight itching. It’s effective and I imagine it would be almost a miracle for those who can use it daily.

First Time Buyer

I ordered the scalp solution and scalp oil to help with my dry and flaky scalp issues. It's only been a couple of weeks since I ordered the products, but I have noticed that when I use the scalp solution, my scalp feels sooth, calm and it does help with flaking. I have not used the scalp oil yet, but will review it once I use it.