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Amazing product

Helps with itchy scalp. It soothes and calm my itchy scalp immediately.

Let me tell y'all something!

Let me tell y'all something! I have tried so many different products to help ease the burning, irritation and dryness of my face. This product keeps my face moisturized all day and irritation free. From the time I put this skin product on my face the itching stopped almost immediately. I have been using this product for almost a month now and I will be purchasing again. If you have SD and ya need a sigh of relief please try this product!!! Since I have tried the face solution I will be ordering the scalp solution as well!!

Love the new shampoo

The first batch I ordered the shampoo was very thin and didn't get much coverage in my hair. I was using a lot to wash. The conditioner I loved. Great coverage and slip. The new batch I git the shampoo is thicker and have way more coverage on my hair, u love it! The conditioner on the other hand doesn't not have the same slip as the first batch. I have locs and it took to my hair better. Other than that, THIS IS THE ONLY SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER THAT HEPLS MANAGE MY SCALP AND ITCHING . I HAVE THE SCALP SOLUTION AS WELL

Free lip balm missing from order

I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment for about a week now. I do notice is seems to stop the intense itch on the back of my scalp. I did not get instant relief of the flakiness however. I understand this can take longer than a week, so I'm still hopeful. I will change my rating to 5 stars when and if that happens. A couple suggestions: create how to use cards for the individual products. The writing on the bottles is very difficult to read for a senior person. If you stand behind your product, offer a money back guarantee like other highly rated companies. Also, I didn't receive my "free" lip balm after spending $180, so that is disappointing.

Hi Candace,

Thank you so much for your review! It means a lot that you tried Bea's Bayou. We currently have a how-to card that should have come in your package and yes, we also do offer a money-back guarantee! We are happy to get you your chapstick. You can contact for any order-related needs you have! We hope you continue to enjoy!

Loving these products

I have scalp psoriasis, always a pain. I’ve only been using these products for a little over a week ( after trying thousands over the years, with very little results) I have to say I’m shocked how much my scalp loves these products, It has reduced my scaly scalp by 75% and way less inflammation , so I am truly hopeful the results will just get better over time. So glad I took a chance. Strange coincidence, my 16yr. Old kitty is named Bea.

I decided to try this out for a month before leaving a proper review

I’ve been suffering with seborrheic dermatitis for most of my life, and it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Over the years I have tried many medicated shampoos, and very little herbal shampoos because I noticed the few herbal shampoos I did try did absolutely nothing for my scalp or hair.

I finally realized that dandruff shampoos with pyrithione zinc at 2% strength is the most helpful shampoo for me, however I was still experiencing scabs and flaking. I decided to research an herbal shampoo and conditioner finally that specifically could help with seb derm. I ended up seeing someone recommend Bea’s Bayou in a youtuber’s comments section and I am very happy I decided to investigate.

Based off my first impression, I was glad to see that the creator of this line is a black woman that created this brand because she used to suffer with a diagnosed scalp condition as well and had trouble finding a solution. I am a black woman who suffers from sebb derm, so that immediately grabbed me.

Now to the shampoo and conditioner. I love that the products are full of ingredients that are specifically aimed at helping heal your scalp’s biome. I was pleasantly surprised at how cleansing the shampoo is. I had a separate clarifying shampoo I was using once a month. However since this shampoo is so cleansing, now I can skip that shampoo and simply rely on this one.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how thick the conditioner is. Not only that, but the conditioner has slip as well. I have no issues detangling my hair with this conditioner and my tangle teezer. And my hair feels sooo soft after. (for reference my hair is a combination of 4b/4c)

Finally, any improvement of my sebb derm? Yes ! I currently have no scabs, and just a few flakes. I do get an itchy scalp and some flakiness when it’s close to my wash day, however that’s due to me waiting too long lol. Also compared to before, I have seen a major improvement and I am so happy I found this line because I will definitely be sticking to it it.

Just to share my routine that has been working for me: I use Vanicream’s Dandruff Shampoo that has 2% pyrithione zinc. I use an applicator bottle and let this shampoo sit on my scalp for about 10 minutes before I hop in the shower. Then I rinse out that shampoo and follow with Bea’s Bayou Shampoo and Conditioner. I then style with a curling mousse.

Soraya, wow!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing feedback with us and sharing your routine! I'm sure that is so helpful for so many people who need some ideas on what to try. It's amazing to know that you're able to get a great cleaning, scalp relief, and DETANGLED COILS! Yes!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy and come back and shop with us! We are so happy you're happy!

Absolutely a game changer!

These products are absolutely amazing! My hair feels so clean and so soft!

Hi, Ann! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback! We're so happy that you like them and your hair is soft, as that was a goal when formulating them! Please share with someone and come back again. Thank you and enjoy!!


It’s good to have to make sure you get what you paid for!

Soothey Scalp

Listen this oil helps my scalp so much!! I am so glad that I tried this product!!!

Love it!!

This is a game changer for my hair. I’m so grateful for this product!! I feel more confident and my scalp is healing. I appreciate the booklet as well. It was so informative and easy to use. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Hi Treychel! Thank you for taking time to try us out and share your thoughts! We REALLY appreciate that and we know how hard it can be to find the kind of product you're looking for and need! We hope that you continue to enjoy enjoy enjoy!! Come back ;)


This stuff has helped my skin so much. It's not only more hydrated but clearer as well. The only thing is that when I first started using this I broke out with little white heads around my nose, mouth, & chin area. It could've been from the witch hazel since my skin is on the sensitive side & it reacts badly to just pure witch hazel. However, I continued to use it & my skin got used to it & now looks so much better than it did before 👍🏻.

Hi Katrina! Thank you so much for sharing. It sounds like it could have been some purging going on, which is part of the process, so thank you so much for being patient and giving it a full amount of time to work for you!! We are SO glad you like it! Here is our blog on purging:

Hope this can help. Please shop again and thank you again for your review!


This stuff is amazing 😍. Makes my skin so dewy & glowy. I've gotten compliments on my skin because of this stuff & the Face Solution 💁🏻‍♀️.

Hi, Katrina! Thank you so much! We are going to be upgrading those bottles for the Face Solution soon too, so let us know what you think when they launch! Enjoy that glow!

Never thought anything but prescription medication would work for my atopic eczema

I have been using Good Biome Scalp solution for a few weeks. My scalp always broke out once a month (around my period) and my doctors had no reasoing as to why or how to treat it other than steroids. After hours searching online I found Bea's Beyou during an awful eczema breakout. I have been using every other day and have been seeing amazing results. Currently very happy with my purchase and looking into more skin care products!

Hi Kristin,

Wow, thank you so much for staking the time and sharing this with us! It means a lot and we're just so happy that Bea's Bayou could help bring you relief. We certainly wish to continue to be a reliable source of natural products, including new ones for you soon. Enjoy!

Good Biome Scalp Renew Shampoo and Conditioner

Thank you so much!

Love the product

Highly recommend

Thank you!

No problem.

That's so great! Thank you!

Hair comes to life!

This conditioner makes my so soft and it really defines my curls. Huge fan! Only complaint is that the handle doesn’t work so I have to try and squeeze it out by taking the lid off but that’s pretty trivial. I don’t have any great recent pictures of how my hair usually dries but I’ve attached one where you can see how it’s wavy and then the other after using this condition and not even styling my hair. Crazyyyyy. I also like the feel on my scalp. I have a very dry scalp which is why I bought this and this conditioner has been a great addition to my scalp care regimen.

Mirah, thank you so much for taking time to leave your thoughts AND photos!!! Woohoo!! Your hair looks so nice and we are so happy your curls love it too! We are SO glad you mentioned the pump, because we just upgraded to a 4cc size (double the size) pump, so in time, you'll see that pump change and we will let you know when we have them in hand! Please continue to enjoy the conditioner and please come shop with us again! Thank you!

Good Biome Scalp Solution and Scalp Oil Bundle | Microbiome-friendly

my forth bottle. smells so good and very effective.

Good Biome Scalp Solution and Scalp Oil Bundle | Microbiome-friendly

Good Biome Face Solution Bundle | Serum and Mists | Probiotic Skincare

Fast shipping only thing that helps with my SD 💪🏽

Good Biome Face Solution | Microbiome-friendly

My face has improved since using this product.

Good Biome Scalp Relief Solution | Leave-in Scalp Relief | Microbiome-friendly

This product has initially worked well.

Good Biome Scalp Relief Solution | Leave-in Scalp Relief | Microbiome-friendly

This definitely helped with my itchy scalp and NOTHING helps my itchy scalp!

Good Biome Prebiotic Scalp Oil | Soothe, Soften, Grow | Microbiome-friendly

This oil smells amazing. I stopped using oils because my scalp didn’t like it. with this it stayed smelling fresh and my scalp was less itchy

Good Biome Scalp Relief Solution | Leave-in Scalp Relief | Microbiome-friendly

Love this so much!