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" I love to see people shine their brightest. None of us can do that when we are not living fully in our skin—too frustrated or self-conscious. If we can continue to help all people feel renewed, then we did our job, and that makes me proud."


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Arielle Brown, Bea
Reflect Beauty

Watch: Arielle Brown Talks Skincare at CultureCon LA

Through the national annual Black Ambition Prize competition, BLACK AMBITION works to create the space and conditions for Black, Hispanic and HBCU-affiliated founders to excel, uninterrupted, by providing access to capital, mentorship and a variety of curated resources. Review this list of the top 50 finalists of the 2023 Black Ambition Prize competition to cast one vote for your favorite venture by Monday, October 18th 5:00pm PST. We'll send a unique verification code to your cell phone to validate your vote. Your cell number will not be stored or shared. Be sure to show your support by downloading here the "I Voted" badge to display across your social media and by visiting applicants’ websites to learn more about their ventures and to shop their products and services.

Black Ambition is a set of prizes that fund bold ideas and companies led by Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs scaling business ventures in media and entertainment, consumer products and services, healthcare, technology, and Web 3.0. As we near the culmination of the 2023 Prize Competition, we invite the public to weigh in and help us select the venture most deserving of a $25k Popular Vote award to help scale their business.

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Meet the Qualifiers and Cast Your Vote for the $5,000 Publish Her Business Impact Grant

With support from community partner BankCherokee, a $5,000 Publish Her Business Impact Grant will be awarded to a woman of color whose business is making a difference in the lives of others and the world. Read about the grant qualifiers and submit a ballot to cast your vote. Voting closes September 30, 2023. The winner will be announced in October.


Publish Her is dedicated to providing resources to female-identifying business owners and authors. Since 2018, more than $250,000 in grants and services have been awarded to women in business. 

If you pick up a product by Bea’s Bayou Skincare, you’re buying a little homage to Arielle Brown’s grandmother, Beatrice.

Beatrice was an herbalist and an entrepreneur in her own right, known for her legendary pies. When Arielle began making skin products, she turned to her grandmother’s gift for horticulture for inspiration. The result: a line of creams, serums and solutions made with Louisiana plants like saw palmetto, blue green algae, sassafras, nettle and sugar cane.

Arielle's flagship product — Good Biome Scalp Relief Solution — was developed as a salve for her own skin issues. The solution took off on Etsy and spurred Arielle to expand her product line. Arielle has turned the concept into a successfully formula, winning thousands in funding from pitch competitions like Fund Black Founders and the Essence and Aveeno Skin Health Pitch.

Arielle grew up in Lafayette.


Out to Lunch Acadiana was recorded live over lunch at Tsunami Sushi in downtown Lafayette. 

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If you go to the drug store and check out the hair and skin-care aisles, you’ll find shelves crammed with products. There seems to be a product for every conceivable hair type and skin condition. But, actually, there’s not.

Even one of the most successful brands, Aveeno, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, is on the lookout for new products. So much so, that they sponsor a new product search, and even have a business accelerator to help nurture up-and-coming skin care entrepreneurs.

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