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Skin Purging & Introducing New Products to Scalp and Skin by Bea's Bayou Skincare

About Skin & Scalp Purging by Bea's Bayou

Skin purging occurs when you start using a new product that increases the skin cell turnover rate, helping reveal healthier skin cells, but not without first “purging” all the gunk that was residing underneath your skin. This gunk includes flakes of dry skin, already present buildup, and excess sebum.

Continuing use of a product when purging occurs increases the frequency of that skin cell turnover cycle and helps improve the texture of your skin in the long-term. On the scalp, purging takes the form of quick release of skin and flakes that appear to be dandruff flaring-up. You may notice this occurrence after using our Good Biome Scalp Solution.

So, what to expect from skin purging?

This process is temporary and necessary to release the skin cells (scales/flakes), so they can be removed to allow new layers of soothed skin to appear.  On the face, skin purging takes form in mostly blackheads or tiny skin-colored bumps, which may look incredibly similar to a breakout. However, in comparison to the red irritated pimples of breakouts, purging takes form in blackheads and flesh-colored bumps on the skin, often occurring in areas where acne pops up frequently (not new areas). Also appears and disappears quicker than breakouts.  So what can you expect after skin purging? Clearer, brighter, and smoother skin! Skin purging ranges from person to person, but those who are already susceptible to flare-ups are more prone to experiencing purging. If you are currently “detoxing” internally by changing your diet or lifestyle, you promote skin purging also. In the end, purging is a sign you're just one step closer to improved skin from Bea's Bayou!

Skin purging scalp purging eczema bea

Skin Purging

Skin purging scalp purging eczema bea

Skin Purging

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