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How-To Videos by Founder, Arielle Brown for You Find so much more on our online sites by following us @beasbayouskincare in Instagram and TikTok! How to Use Our Good Biome Scalp Solution See Product How to Use Our Good Biome Scalp Prebiotic Scalp Oil See Product How to...

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Benefits of Black Walnut for Itchy Scalp

Do you like having chopped walnuts as a desert or salad topping? Or maybe you like eating roasted walnuts as a snack. Sure these nuts are fun to eat, but they’re also useful as a skincare ingredient – especially if you’re prone to acne breakouts or rashes. Black...

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Benefits of Inulin for Skincare and Scalp Care

If you have skin problems like flakiness, uneven tone, acne, or wrinkles, you’ll be glad to know that your skin is home to plenty of helpful bacteria that provide protection and nourishment. That’s right, bacteria on your skin can actually be a good thing. But just like you...

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Best Foods to Eat to Reduce Skin Inflammation

Do you ever feel like your skin is just mad at you? Those are the times when your skin is heating up, angry, irritated, itchy. You try to fight back against it by scratching it… but that only makes it madder. Then you try to calm it down...

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