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Best Foods to Eat to Reduce Skin Inflammation

Do you ever feel like your skin is just mad at you? Those are the times when your skin is heating up, angry, irritated, itchy. You try to fight back against it by scratching it… but that only makes it madder. Then you try to calm it down...

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All About Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate for Skincare

You learned about cells in high school biology class, but you probably didn’t learn about the fascinating ways cell functions can be involved in skincare! We can take advantage of natural cell processes to create ingredients that protect and nourish skin. Let’s take a look at Lactobacillus Ferment...

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Itchy Scalp Treatment: How To Soothe An Itchy Scalp With Our 3 Easy Steps

If you've been dealing with an itchy scalp, you know that it's not just a simple problem--it can be downright unbearable and cause real distress. Imagine the struggle to get ready for a special occasion, and you badly want your hair to look good without any chance of...

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7 Types of Eczema

  7 Types of Eczema - Seborrheic dermatitis

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