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Arielle Brown Bea's Bayou Skincare

Thank you for checking out Bea's Bayou Skincare! I'm Arielle, the creator & founder. I created this line of products for the exhausted product-lover who just can't find relief for their troubled scalp and skin (like me). I needed to ease the uncomfortable issues I was having with my diagnosed scalp condition (red rashes, burning itch, even shedding) and nothing was giving me QUICK relief without messing up my hair or drying my skin at the same time. Not that other products had zero benefit, but I couldn't find IT - my "go-to" scalp relief product. So, I made it! 

I researched probiotics and herbs to find natural aids that would nurture my skin and hair, while helping me heal. It was a process, but I landed on a formula that was lightweight and quickly effective to help calm the skin on my scalp. Thanks. to amazing customers, the line has grown and continues to develop! 

Bea's Bayou Skincare is named after my Louisiana-born, maternal grandmother, Beatrice, and the bayou I played in as a kid around her home. She raised animals, planted fruits and vegetables, and was the area's "pie lady", selling the BEST pies around (hands down)! She also turned to herbs as healers, inspiring my mother and now, me! I hope you enjoy Bea's Bayou's products and find the relief to feel confident in your skin as naturally as you wish!

It's possible.




Bea’s Bayou’s vision is to inspire healing & build confidence. We value integrity, empathy, and audacity, celebrating our diverse community. It’s not about rejecting who you are, but embracing all of the nuances skin deep and beyond. Protect your microbiome & your peace with Bea’s Bayou Skincare.

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