Prebiotic Get Glowing Setting Mist | Microbiome-friendly


Sunshine in a bottle! This facial mist was made to target problematic & highly sensitive skin! It is gentle enough to use day or evening and can be used to prime and set skin when applying makeup. Get that healthy radiance! Microbiome-conscious! Low on the comedogenic scale (won't clog pores).


aloe vera, purified deionized water, biome-friendly blend, calendula oil, black walnut extract, lavender oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose, Vitamin B5, orange oil, organic coconut-derived vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, witch hazel, radish root (prebiotic)

Skin Benefits:

✔ Aloe Vera Juice: cooling, helps fade scars, & is a source of salicylic acid 

✔ Prebiotic: Help protect skin's defenses, increase moisture retention
✔ Calendula: helps calm irritated skin and known to help protect collagen and elastin supply
✔ Black Walnut: highly beneficial ingredient to strengthen skin's defenses
✔ Rosehip: Oh yes moisture-retention! Packed with vitamins A & E
✔ Evening Primrose: Smooths skin textures, helps with elasticity, dryness, irritation, roughness and aging skin
✔ Orange Oil: Calm skin that shines bright like you!
✔ Hemp Seed: Rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 which adds in skin suppleness!
✔ Vitamin B5: Super soothing & calming!
✔ Glycerin: Helps lock in your skin's natural moisture!
✔ Witch Hazel: helps clarify, tighten, and tone pores, helps decrease oil and redness, helps balance skin


Shake well! Spray mist on face for a refreshing, balancing penetration of moisture for calm skin with a healthy glow. More spray results in more glow! Allow to air-dry or press into skin. Leaves skin supple & hydrated! You may even decide to use it over your make-up to help set the make-up, proving a healthy glow and combating outbreaks on the skin.

How To Use

1st - Wash face with gentle cleanser
Optional - Use a deep-pore cleanser (I use an astringent if I've been stressing my skin)
2nd - Bea's Bayou RePHresh Toning Mist
3rd - Bea's Bayou Face Solution
Optional - Your usual serum
4th - Your favorite moisturizer
5th - Glow Mist (or your make-up & THEN glow mist)

Who is This For?

Bea's Bayou was created by Arielle Brown, a Licensed Master Social Worker-turned-haircare founder (by accident 🤣)! She just wanted to make something for her Seborrheic dermatitis (SebDerm) concerns and next thing she knew, more people were sharing their pain points with the existing products in the market too - excited to find relief. 

She decided that Bea's Bayou would be for the most frustrated shoppers with problematic scalp. That can include eczema-related issues like dandruff, SebDerm, oiliness, dryness, itch, roughness, discoloration, hypopigmentation, and discomfort. 

She makes products for people who suffer like her, not only for people who look like her. Enjoy! 



Processing & Delivery Time
Time will vary based on supply, weekends, and holidays but you an expect 1-3 days to process orders and 2-6 days to ship in the US! 

North America: 2-6 business days
All orders ship Monday - Saturday, some Sundays if possible (excluding Holidays).





Herbal Bioactives

Herbal Bioactives

Sulfate Free

Sulfate Free

Paraben Free

Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katrina Jimenez

This stuff is amazing 😍. Makes my skin so dewy & glowy. I've gotten compliments on my skin because of this stuff & the Face Solution 💁🏻‍♀️.

Hi, Katrina! Thank you so much! We are going to be upgrading those bottles for the Face Solution soon too, so let us know what you think when they launch! Enjoy that glow!

Wilhsia Kimmakon
Good Biome

Loved the Good Biome Glow Setting Mist helps my skin it's really smooth on it not too harsh and keeps my skin really hydrated would recommend to a family member and friend would repurchase again

Karen Burke

I really love the mist, it's cool and refreshing and keeps my skin moist in this dry winter season. I like that it's healthy for my skin

Glow mist is awesome

Toning mist, very refreshing feel on face wow.. Loving the awesome glow on my skin..
Will buy again..

Yay!! Love to hear that you are enjoying the mist! I too keep it in my bag for touch-ups and keeping the skin clear under my mask. I am so glad you're enjoying it! Please come back and shop with us! Thank you for sharing!

Sierra Vandervort

Good Biome Get Glowing Face Mist | Prime & Set | Microbiome-friendly Skincare