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Bea's Bayou Skincare | Good Biome | Biome-Friendly | Microbiome-friendly | Probiotic Skincare
Get Glowing Probiotic Face Mist for Eczema, Psoriasis, Inflamed Skin | Radiant, Balanced, Moisturized, Plump | Makeup & Skin Setting Spray
Get Glowing Probiotic Face Mist for Eczema, Psoriasis, Inflamed Skin | Radiant, Balanced, Moisturized, Plump | Makeup & Skin Setting Spray

Good Biome Get Glowing Face Mist | Prime & Set | Microbiome Skincare

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Sunshine in a bottle! This facial mist was made to target problematic skin prone to inflammation, dryness, eczema, and scarring! It is gentle enough to use day or evening and can be used to prime and set skin when applying makeup.

 Skin Benefits:

✔ Multibiotics: skin hydration retention, ease inflammation, fight acne-causing bacteria, balances your microbiome, protects from free radical damage
✔ Calendula: helps calm inflammation, cleans, protect your precious collagen and elastin supply
✔ Aloe Vera Juice: cooling, aids in clearing scars, helps reduce infection, source of salicylic acid to clear dead skin cells
✔ Black Walnut: useful in helping rid skin diseases, particularly of a fungal nature
✔ Lavender: fights bad microbes, shown to reduce inflammation and speed up skin recovery
✔ Rosehip: restore the natural PH balance and moisture levels of your skin, packed with vitamins A & E
✔ Evening Primrose: ease problem skin conditions 
✔ Orange: helps reduce redness and inflammation, clears out impurities from pores, and helps reduce further breakouts
✔ Vitamin B5: calming and soothing to help reduce redness and irritation
✔ Witch Hazel: clarify and tighten pores as an astringent that decreases oil and redness, helps reduce bacteria growth on the skin
✔ Glycerin: helps lock in your skin's natural moistures

Shake well! Spray mist on face for a refreshing, balancing penetration of moisture for calm skin with a healthy glow. More spray results in more glow! Allow to air-dry or press into skin. Leaves skin supple & hydrated!


1st - Wash face with gentle cleanser
Optional - Use a deep-pore cleanser (I use an astringent if I've been stressing my skin)
2nd - Bea's Bayou RePHresh Toning Mist
3rd - Bea's Bayou Face Solution
Optional - Your usual serum
4th - Your favorite moisturizer
5th - Glow Mist (or your make-up & THEN glow mist)


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Review for Bea's Bayou Biome-Friendly Glow Mist

Love it thank you

Ayye!! That's awesome! I'm glad and thank you for shopping with BB!



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